About Us


私たちは国際色豊かなプロクリエイターたち(写真家、カメラマン、モデル、アクター、メイクアップ アーティスト、衣装コーディネーター、ミュージシャン、歌手、サウンドエンジニア、翻訳家、イラストレーター、ライター、ブランディング コンサルタント、映像編集者、CGアーティスト、監督、プロデューサー)とともに、福岡に拠点を置きました。

カボス・スタジオは個々が結集して力を発揮します。 それぞれ個人が持つ素晴らしい才能を集団として活用すると、より挑戦的で大きな計画を打ち出せるでしょう。




(翻訳者 Jin Yonao)

About Us

Kabosu Studios is the result of several, naively ambitious, photography and film projects. Through good fortune and the hard work of talented friends, it has proved more successful than I could ever imagine at first.

We are based in Fukuoka, Japan, with an international team of creative professionals including: photographers, cameramen, models, actors, makeup artists, a wardrobe coordinator, musicians, a singer, a sound engineer, translators, an illustrator, writers, a branding consultant, a video editor, CG artists, an art director, a film director and a producer.

Kabosu Studios is a sum greater than its parts.

Each Individual member is brilliant in their own right, but when combined as a team, we excel at larger and more challenging projects.

As we move forward with self-funded projects, we're also keeping an eye out for future commercial ventures.

On a personal note. Working with the Kabosu team, I have come to know them to be truly competent in their craft. They have years of experiences providing professional and artistic services to local and international clients.

Their work is presented here for you to experience and enjoy.

Mark Cowan